Community Service

On-site Office Service

Service including: application assistance, language support, resource referral etc.

Covered CA Enrollment Service

Herald Monthly Distribution

Community Outreach

Partner with churches to build evangelism platform; connect with main stream organizations to increase access to resources; assist immigrant integrate into the local community. To cultivate the spirit of mutual assistance and to facilitate a healthy and happy OC community.

Church Partnership

Collaborate with churches for local evangelism, and provide trainings to equip Christians for service.

Community Collaboration

Relationship building and resource sharing, contribute to the collective impact among OC Community-based organizations (CBO) network

Universities and Academic Institutes:
opportunity for university students (UCI, Concordia, CSUF…) majoring in education, psychology, sociology, public health, administration etc.

Public Agencies & Community Base Organization:
Partnering with local agencies and community organizations in serving Chinese community through seminars and events and education, health, safety, and good citizenship focus.