COVID-19 Community Resources

As COVID-19 is a growing threat to our community. Our team is actively gathering accurate and useful information. We hope encourage the members in our community who are experiencing difficult times. 



What to Do if You Suspect You Have Coronavirus?

Stay calm, call your health care provider immediately, follow instructions, practice social isolation, and find support.


Factors that Affect Immunity

Your immune system can help you fight COVID-19! Help your immune system by getting plenty of rest, exercise regularly, healthy diet, relieve stress, be connected to your social network.

Immunity Boosting Foods

We have listed some common food that is packed with at least one of the following: antioxidants, antiviral agents, Omega 3 fats, probiotics, probiotics, vitamin A, vitamin C, Zinc.



Teacher's Suggestion to Enhance Learning for Kids

Examples of schedules, activities ideas, and encouragement about spending time with your children during period when school is closed.


Are You Experiencing Cabin Fever?

We are being asked to participate in “social distancing”. This is a scary, chaotic, and potentially very isolating season. In such as times like these, what are we supposed to do?

A Pastoral Counselor’s Reflection Amidst COVID-19

As we consider the threat of COVID-19, it is understandable that we may default to fight, flee, or freeze. We must respond to through the power of the Holy Spirit towards greater love and self-control.