Teacher’s Suggestion to Enhance Learning for Kids

Image by klimkin from Pixabay

Dear Parents,

During this unpredictable time with schools being closed, I know it’s tough to have your child with you or at home all day. A word of advice from an educator, treasure this time with your kids. You can never get this time back and what a blessing in disguise this is to be part of your child’s learning. This doesn’t have to be structured time where your child needs to continue learning curriculum.

I get it, many of you may also be concerned that your child is falling behind, but let me continue to emphasize that your time with your child is precious! They’ll catch up in due time. Take this opportunity to ENHANCE your child’s learning by doing it with them!

You could be reading with them, doing a silly science project (google it! Many fun activities on youtube too!), playing with them, taking a walk together, cooking together… the opportunities are endless and SO necessary for the continued development of your child and your relationship with your child.

Attached is an example schedule of things you could be doing with your child created by Lindsay Flood. You can view as reference.

Enjoy your time with your child! We can get past this together. 🙂 

Megan Lee, 3rd Grade Elementary School Teacher